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GABC & The Building Control Act 2007

GABC, Architects Alliance & The Building Control Act 2007


The profession of Architecture has many faculties that relate to the built environment, heritage, planning, conservation, engineering, surveying, design, environmental design and energy conservation.


The GABC have particular concern with regards to the implementation of Part 3 of the Building Control Act 2007. Members of our organisation have experienced difficulty with the registration of professional titles and in particular the registration of the title ‘Architect’.


It is felt that some of our members, who offer architectural services, are now finding that their professional opinions in this regard are no longer valid and accepted by clients lending institutions. The anomaly is that some of our members have been practicing for 10 – 30 years as ‘Architects’ who have self-trained and whose opinions were accepted in the past.


This experiential learning and expertise cannot be sidelined by the Building Control Act and as such it is our opinion that the Act must take cognisance of same and be amended to safeguard the livelihoods of professionals who offer Architectural Drafting services and certification for domestic and commercial work.


Another anomaly is that some other members have professional qualifications, however it is felt that the Building Control Act 2007 is inflexible and does not recognise the standing of alternative professions such as Architectural Technology, Architectural Engineers, Construction Professionals etc, all of whom have Honours Degree standard education and knowledge of the science of Building which is sufficient to offer a valid technical opinion of compliance.


The acceptance of opinions of compliance must also encompass competent persons as well as the protect professions.  


The GABC fully supports the workings of Architects Alliance, who are a group of self-trained Architects and related professionals. Their aims are:


   ( 1 ) To safeguard the livelihoods of Architects Alliance members in private practice.

   ( 2 ) To preserve the status of Architects Alliance salaried members.


GABC would like to thank Architects Alliance for their hard work, content and links listed on this page.

This information is not an interpretation of the Law and is provided for information purposes only. GABC are not responsible for any losses that may be incurred through the use of the information contained within this website.  

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