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GABC Submissions

GABC has initiated an on-going dialogue of submissions, suggestions, meetings, seminars, with Galway Co. Council, Galway City Council, the Fire Department, Department of Environment, Ombudsman, Local & National Politicians, Engineers Ireland, R.I.A.I., Property Registration Authority, Ordnance Survey and others. This is a two-way dialogue, with these other bodies using GABC as the vehicle for disseminating information to the GABC planning / building consultants and agents.

Recent Documents

2012 May: submission of the Galway Association of Building Consultants in relation to the proposed Building Control (Amendment) Regulations, can be downloaded on the panel to the right of this screen.


2011 May: GABC Members express concern regarding the alterations to Department of Education & Skills requirements for professional appointments of consultants and in particular they only permit the appointment of ‘Registered Architects’ for school building projects over the value of €200,000.  A submission has been made by the GABC to Minister Ruairi Quinn TD and a copy of same has been circulated to the relevant Councillors and TD’s.


>A PDF copy of the letter can be download from the panel on the right on this screen.


2011 February: GABC makes a submission to Galway County Council seeking clarification of when to apply AA assessment criteria on a site.


>A PDF copy of the submission can be viewed on the right.

>A PDF copy of Galway County Council response is now available on the right



2010 NOVEMBER: GABC members Dave Courtney & Bryan Egan make a submission to the DoEHLG regarding the certification / registration of on-site treatment systems / septic tanks.


>A PDF copy of the submission can be viewed on the right. Other members can make a submission to the DoEHLG, however there is a deadline date of the 26th November 2010.




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GABC Response from Galway County Council


Re: AA Guidance


Size: 909.0k, PDF Format

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GABC Submission to BCA


Re: Building Control Regulations 2012


Size: 141k, PDF Format